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How do I get the internet on my tablet?

I'm not particularly well versed in the area of electronics and I'm hoping some kind soul will help me out with this question.  I can not for the life of me figure out how to get internet on my laptop so I can use it while I'm in the car and out & about.  I know I can use public wifi hotspots if I happen upon them but I'd prefer not to use public networks since I'm entering in important business information for my business. 


Is there a monthly fee I can pay some place to get this service?  My boyfriend told me something also about a mifi hotspot something but he doesn't know much about it either. Which of these should I get? Are there any other options? If someone can plainly explain I'd appreciate it because after two days of research, I still don't get it lol


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Re: How do I get the internet on my tablet?

Hi, you'll want to see your phone carrier  AT&T/Sprint/Verizon about getting a mobile hot spot device or if you already have a smart phone you can see if they can help you with getting it to set up as a mobile hot spot. Meaning your phone or a device you can carry around with you will put out a wireless signal that translates the 3g/4g internet from the phone service into wifi that your Thrive can pick up and use for internet services.


Bare in mind, however, that doing this requires a Data plan and a monthly fee depending on your level of useage.



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Re: How do I get the internet on my tablet?

Verizon Hot Spot will cost you an additional charge over and above your Data plan.