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How do I do "print screen" on Thrive 105?

Does the 105/Android 3x have a "print screen" utility similar to Windows, where you can capture and save whatever image is on the screen regardless of source (i.e., like using the "print screen" button on a standard keyboard)? I didn't see any reference to this in the user's guide; could someone advise me how (or if) I can do this?

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Re: How do I do "print screen" on Thrive 105?

Screenshot ER2 in the market. Is the only one I've seen works with the thrive. You may need to be rooted for it to work.

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Re: How do I do "print screen" on Thrive 105?

The printer share app works well on the thrive. You cant print everything, but if you can get it into one is the supported ways it prints it would work for you. I copy url's into the printer share browser to print web pages.