Activation code

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Activation code

When I attempt to get NetFlix on my Thrive32 it asks for the identification code of my device. What is it? Also, the Netflix icon isn't found by Marketplace.

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Re: Activation code

The Netflix activation code is only available after installing the Netflix app on a compatible device. The Netflix Android app is not currently compatible with the Thrive, so it will not appear in the market (when viewed on the Thrive).


It shouldn't take too long for Netflix to verify that the app is compatible and make it available in a future update.

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Re: Netflix

So who is telling the truth re Netflix on Thrive?


Some poster on this forum said Netflix is waiting for Toshiba to pay them for having Netflix on the Thrive, and Netflix is saying it's Toshiba who is holding up the works.


Where do I complain?





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Re: Netflix

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I would be that poster... And it's netflix not allowing the thrive; I just assume it's a monetary issue...

But netflix is the one who controls where their app goes.

Netflix works fine on a rooted thrive with a hack.

So it's not that netflix can't run on a thrive. It's netflix wont let their app run on a thrive. (and other tablets)


also, I'd say complain to netflix, but they'll just tell you to complain to toshiba... but it's still netflix who's stopping it from running on the thrive.

It's not in the market on the thrive, because netflix has singled out what devices netflix (app) is allowed to run on.

Toshiba doesn't control the android market, nor does toshiba controll or have the ability to control what apps can be installed from the market (to that granularity.)

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Re: Activation code

Netflix was the first app I went to download after getting my thrive. And it worked from the get go. So if you haven't tried lately, it should work now //
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Re: Activation code

I installed Netflix on my Thrive from this address:


You have to have a netflix account.  I works perfectly on my 16 gb Thrive.