THRiVE screen does not rotate when orientation is changed

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Certain applications will only display in portrait or landscape mode regardless of the orientation of the tablet.  This is a limitation or a setting of the application. To verify, return to the home screen and change the orientation tablet. If the display rotates, consult with the documentation of the application for orientation abilities.

The tablet also has a hardware rotation lock button and a software rotation lock setting.

  • The hardware lock button is located on the right side of the device (when held in landscape orientation), below the Power and Volume buttons. The setting is locked (disabled) when pushed up, towards the volume buttons (Red is displayed.) The setting is unlocked (enabled) when the lock is pushed down.


  • This setting can also be modified by going to SETTINGS > DISPLAY > AUTO ROTATE SCREEN. The Auto-rotate screen can be checked or unchecked to enable/disable as desired. When unchecked (disabled) the hardware switch will not affect the auto-rotate screen function. If the option is grayed out, the hardware switch may be in the locked position.