How To + VIDEO: Connecting your tablet to a wireless network

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This video describes how to connect your tablet to a wireless network:





The following details will guide you through connecting your tablet to a wireless network. For complete instructions on connecting your tablet to a network or if you have problems connecting, refer to CHAPTER 2: SETTINGS > WIRELESS AND NETWORKS SETTINGS in your User’s Guide.


  1. Tap on the System Bar at the lower Right corner of the screen.

  2. Tap anywhere in the expanded System Bar info (not Notifications) to open more options.

  3. Select SETTINGS.

  4. Select WIRELESS & NETWORKS on the Left.

  5. Ensure Wi-Fi is enabled by checking for a green checkmark in the corresponding box on the Right. If there is no green checkmark, touch Wi-Fi to enable it.
  6. Select Wi-Fi Settings.

  7. The tablet automatically detects all available networks.

  8. Connect to the desired network by simply tapping on it (in this case, toshiba_wifi) and follow the on-screen instructions to enter your password until a successful connection is made. Your tablet remembers the connection so you won’t have to go through these steps every time.

If all of the above steps were successfully completed you are now have a Wi-Fi connection.


The signal bars at the lower Right corner of the screen between the clock and the battery life indicator displays the strength of the connection between the currently connected network and your wireless tablet.

Under Wi-Fi settings you can also set your tablet to notify you whenever wireless networks are available for connection. This is useful if you use your tablet in different places with Wi-Fi access.