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Book Place help or manual available somewhere?

My Thrive came with four free samples in Book Place and they open fine.

I've purchased one book, and though it said it was in the wrong format and couldn't download, it opens fine. 

About eight more books have appeared on my shelves that I didn't purchase. They won't open and indicate a DRM error.

The Toshiba Book Place website is all about marketing the software, and I haven't found anywhere to learn how to use the software. I would like to delete the books that I didn't purchase and I would also like to be able to delete the books I purchase when I am through with them.

Where can I learn more about this program? Does anyone know how to delete books??

Thanks for your advice...

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Re: Book Place help or manual available somewhere?

I don't use the app much. But, I did accidently delete a sample title and was able to download it again. To delete, select the book on the bookshelf but hold your finger on the icon a few secs. You will get a dialog box including delete. I assume you know you need to register and it is convenient to link with a gmail account which is so imbedded in use of Honeycomb. I highly recommend Overdrive (search Android market app). With it you can download select titles from free libraries, maybe even your local one. Books can be taken out for 14 days and then are deleted automatically if you don't. Some titles can be renewed after a day or so off your TT.
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Re: Book Place help or manual available somewhere?

Can someone please tell about the book that are grayed out. I have the app on my computer as well as the thrive. there are no instruction on how to use this app. Furthermore on my computer the app is not working like on the tablet. I have know way of knowing what I'm clicking on. I click one place it closes then I open it again then it closes again can someone please help? Thank you for your time.



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Re: Book Place help or manual available somewhere?

Can someone please help I purchased a book but it gave me an error code cannot open book current version incompatible with version stored please clearyour application data in android application settings.   Someone PLEASE  help. This is on my Thrive

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Re: Book Place help or manual available somewhere?



Open the Settings app. Touch "Apps" on the left. Swipe to get to the "All" section on the right. Locate "Book Place" and touch it. Now tap "Force stop." Then touch "Clear data" and "Clear cache." Then try Book Place again.

- Peter