ordering a start up disc.

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ordering a start up disc.

I wasn't able to creat aa start up disc with the Toshiba I bought from Best Buy, and now the Hard Drive is toast. Can I go through Toshiba to order a start up disc, or do I have to go to my local Best buy dealer, and if so, how does it work to go through them?


I was never able to register my Toshiba, because they had best buy listed as the owner, and there was some stuff there too, if this helps.

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Re: ordering a start up disc.

Yes, you can order it online or call Toshiba.

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Re: ordering a start up disc.

Get it this way.


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Re: ordering a start up disc.

Good luck with that!  I ordered mine one month ago on Monday and have had nothing but grief from customer service!   They tell me 5-7 days, then it's 7-10, then it's lost in the mail, etc, etc.   May I talk with a supervisor? NO.  Can you ship me a replacement FedX, NO.  Can you care about my problem?  No   It sounds like they are talking from a script.  No caring at all that I've been without my work computer that long.  


I last talked to them on them on the 13th of this month and they said they would resend my disks "right away".  I got an e-mail on the 20th that they had sent it again "slow boat" with no tracking number again!  I did get a call tonight from someone who wanted to know how my "experience" with customer support was.  You only have to imagine!  


I have owned HP's and Compaq's for years. Wonderful service!  Great computers and never had a hard drive failure ever.  I loved my Toshiba for it's performance and price and have recommended it to other that have purchased it.  But my big gripe is the customer service!  I've never been treated this bad in my life!   I will "NOT" do business again with a company that treats me this way.