driver needed to access hard drive

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driver needed to access hard drive

I am having some trouble on getting my operation system installed. I am reinstsalling the system and when I got to the page where it says select the driver to be installed there is no driver listed in the box. I would click on the load driver button and I get the message that says " To install the device driver needed to access youre hard drive, insert the installation media containing the driver files. What should I do in order to get this installed. My laptop is a toshiba satellite L656-S5058 and Im running win 7 home premium. thx

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Re: driver needed to access hard drive

Satellite L655-S5058


Perhaps you mean that you have a Satellite L655-S5058. Above is your downloads, specs, user guide, etc, page.


It sounds like it might be too late already.  But, you should NOT be reinsatlling the system.  You should be trying to run the Toshiba Recovery Utility, from the Toshiba Recovery Partition on your hard drive. You can run this utility by pressing and holding down the '0' (zero) key while the Toshiba logo is on the screen during power up.


If you have wiped out your Toshiba Recovery Partition during your 'reinstall' of Windows 7, and you did not make a set of Toshiba Recovery disks, as you would have been advised in your instructions when you first set-up your unit, see how to order the disks here:


Ordering Recovery Disks


Good luck.