a305-S6905 Recovery Activation

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a305-S6905 Recovery Activation

I just ordered a recovery disc from toshiba because the admistrator account was locked and had become corrupted. I restored the computer using the disc and its sayingn the product key is invalid and asks me to input a new one or buy a new one. The key on the bottom of the unit I can't make out 1 chracter but I am pretty positive I have it right, anyway that key won't work either. Am I actually dealing with a hardware issue rather than software?


Even after the restore the adminstrator account was locked if the unit went to the select user screen. I made a new adminstrator account and disabled the factory one but I know I should not have to do that. Other than the 12 days to activate looming, the computer is working perfectly normal. How do I go about getting this unit activated.


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Re: a305-S6905 Recovery Activation

All OEM Windows installations are "pre-activated". That is they need not be manually activated. Assuming this is a true OEM disk and you have NOT changed any hardware, the machine should NOT be prompting you to activate. Have you flashed a BIOS or changed any hardware recently?