Warnings re HDD failure

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Warnings re HDD failure

I keep receiving warnings that the failure of my HDD is imminent on my Toshiba P505 which is about 6 months old.  It also advises to create Recovery Discs which I have done.  It also advises that if it fails that I should take it to a service centre for repair or replacement of the HDD.  It is still working normally though since the warnings commenced several days ago.  Do you think that it is going to crash or is sending a false message as it appears to be functioning normally.  Thanks,  Terry.

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Re: Warnings re HDD failure

I would expect the drive to crash, Terry. But there is no telling when.


Best to go ahead and replace it.

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Re: Warnings re HDD failure

Would this be covered under warranty or on a recall?  Sounds like several people are having the same problem.

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Re: Warnings re HDD failure

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Assuming your machine is still on warranty I would think it would be covered under warranty.  Call Toshiba Computer Tech. Support and they'll let you know I'm sure.  Have your laptops Serial Number handy when you call.


Toshiba Customer Support




Make sure you have all your data backed up, keep it backed up.  I'd move all your documents, music, etc, everything to an external hard drive, and only open, edit, and save all your user files on the external hard drive.  If they're important to you, you may want backup, or export, your Favorites from Internet Explorer, and/or Bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox, or whatever browser you use, also to the external drive.



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Re: Warnings re HDD failure

Just curious-did the new HDD solve the problem? I'm having the same problem but thinking it is actually a Windows error so I'm trying to use recovery to solve it...it's worth a shot! Got nothing to lose!