Use Recovery Disc in new Hard Drive

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Use Recovery Disc in new Hard Drive


I plan to replace my hard drive on my Satellite Pro M300-EZ1001X. I have made recovery CD from that before.

Can I use the recovery disc in my new hard drive like in original hard drive? Do I need to make a hidden partition like in original hard drive?

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Re: Use Recovery Disc in new Hard Drive

Changing the hard drive should have no affect on the function of the recovery disk. It will recreate the partitioning scheme the same as on the original hard drive. It will maintain the size of the first partition (Assuming this is a Win7 or Vista image, the first XP partition is the OS partition) and 3rd partition (Recovery partition). The OS partition will be the maximum size of the hard drive less the first and third partitions space.

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Re: Use Recovery Disc in new Hard Drive

running the recovery media on the new hdd will make it exactly the same as the original hdd was when it was new. if your original hdd still works and you want to keep all the data on it you can download the new acronis true image home 2011 and clone your old hdd to the new one.

Post all info about your laptop and version of windows. We are working on it but still do not have the powers to read your mind.
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Re: Use Recovery Disc in new Hard Drive



questoin about new hard drive.  I did not make an image of my hard drive before it crashed but made a repair disk as I only seen this as an option.  I did order the "recovery" disk from toshiba.......will this recovery disk install windows on a new hard drive that does not have the toshiba hidden partition?





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Re: Use Recovery Disc in new Hard Drive

I have a new Toshiba P755-S5320 for just about 5mos., and my hard disk has fail so I have to buy a new hard drive and wanted to install all the pre-installed that came with the original hard drive, can I use my recovery disc on my new hard drive, and how? Please reply,.. Thanks!!!!!