Toshiba Satellite A305-S6872 Will not start up

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Toshiba Satellite A305-S6872 Will not start up

I have the above mentioned computer and it is 2 years old. Last year in January the hard drive crashed and had to have new one installed at Best Buy. Now it will not start up. When I turn it on the Toshiba screen displays with F2 and F12 options. Then the creen goes black and the following displays:


Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 082)

Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation

For realtek RTL8101E/8102E PCI-E Ethernet Controller v1.07 (080320)

PXE-E61: <edia test failure, check cable


No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key


I insert the recovery CD and it says windows loading files then has a screen that says Selecting a Process: Toshiba Recovery Wizard or System Recovery Options. I choose System Recover Options and then choose English language and US keyboard layout. Then the following screen comes up: Select an operating system to repair .... If you do not see your operating system listed click Load Drivers to load drivers for your hard disks. When I choose Load Drivers I do not know where to find the OS driver. When I click Next and choose Startup Repair it says it is unable to fix the problem automatically.

I don't want to choose Toshiba recover Wizard because it says it will erase everything. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? 

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Re: Toshiba Satellite A305-S6872 Will not start up

The exact same thing happened to me yesterday Feb 5!!!


During normal use of windows 7 the computer crashed and went through the same boot procedure as described by the previous poster.


Now I can't do anything with my hard drive. I tired everything. I even tried restoring it from the backup image that I have, but it said that it cannot find hard drive!


I do not have Toshiba Recovery. Can I download it from somewhere?


Does anyone have any suggestions? After booting from Win 7 Recovery Disk, I even tried fixing the MBR and partitions, but I would always get an error message that the system doesn't support the software I tried using (guessing because it's 64bit?)


Please, any suggestion is most welcome and appreciated!!!




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Re: Toshiba Satellite A305-S6872 Will not start up


Hello jrpetty45.  You wrote :  I don't want to choose Toshiba recover Wizard because it says it will erase everything.


You also wrote that this is a new HD ! What is there to loose ?  Get back to me on this, nobody else has tried to help you but it must be possible to do something.  Do you have a bootable disk of any kind ? Did you make the Recovery DVDs as instructed when you first got the laptop ? They are bootable, insert the #1, shut down the machine and restart, it should seek the DVD and boot.


Did you replace the HD yourself and what is an honest level of knowledge here ?  So many questions but help us help you.         JP.

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Re: Toshiba Satellite A305-S6872 Will not start up

Sounds like the second hard drive is toast because it is not being recognized by the bios. The system must recognize the drive before you can use other solutions. You can try to see in the setup menu if it recognizes the drive or open up the section for the hard drive and ensure that it is seated properly. When it comes to laptop hard drives I buy Hitachi. I think that 250 gb drive that comes with this lap has issues.