Still desperate for help!!! L505D stuck during windows 7 install!!

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Still desperate for help!!! L505D stuck during windows 7 install!!

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Smiley Mad I'm hoping there's somebody out there that can shed some light!  My friends L505D-GS6000 was in the middle of reinstalling Windows 7 and stuck with the following message: Could not finish configuring the system.  "To attempt to resume configuring plese reboot your system."  Of course, when you reboot, nothing happens- same message over and over. 


Also tried using another Windows 7 recovery and went to F12 to boot from CD but even that wont work.  Same message.  Anyone have any idea how to get past this?  Any special keyboard functions I need to press to reset it? 


Thank you in adance! 




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Re: ~Pls help~ L505D Stuck @ boot: Could not finish configuring the system



 This laptop can do recovery without the recovery disk, have you tried that?


I could be that there's a bad sector on the hard drive, that's why when it comes to the window for the configuring system, an error will come up.


Hope this help...

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L505D Stuck @ boot: Could not finish configuring the system

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It kinda helped...Can you elaborate a little please?  How do I do a recovery without the recovery disk?  Right now the laptop is off.  If I turn it on it doesn't get past the pop up: Install Windows then it says: Could not finish configuring the system.  To attempt to recover blah blah blah.  So I need to know what specifically do I need to do once I press the power button because I can't get past that screen if I press power and leave it. 


Thanks again.....



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Re: L505D Stuck @ boot: Could not finish configuring the system

What 'nameless' is referring to is the built in Toshiba Recovery partition, that was originally installed on this system's hard disk drive (HDD). You can read up on this beginning on page 61 of the L500 Serie's User Guide. If this parition is still intact, the you can run the recovery utility from its HDD partition by pressing and holding down the '0' (zero) key while powering on your system, keep holding '0' down until you see the Toshiba Recovery menu. Give it a try, you've got nothing to lose, if it starts, return the unit to its factory default out-of-the-box state, including Windows 7 64bit, all Toshiba drivers & utilties, and all the software the system originally came with.


However, as it sounds like you were using a standalone Windows 7 disk for the reinstallation, there is a very good chance you have deleted or corrupted the recovery partition. If that is the case, and if your friend never made a set of Toshiba Recovery Media disks, as mentioned on page 69 of the user guide, then you can order them. I would strongly recommend this option. As well as returning the system to its factory default configuration, as described above, it will also rebuild the recovery partition on the HDD.


Ordering Recovery Media



If you cannot run the recovery utility from the partition, and you resist ordering the recovery media, then follow these instructions and use this utility, once we get your system to boot.


How to Custom Install Windows 7 and add Toshiba-provided drivers & utilities with the Toshiba Softwa...


Toshiba Software Installer for Windows 7



However, you still need resolve your problem of booting from a disk, to use the Recovery or Windows 7 DVDs. Insert the disk in the drive, power off the system, unplug everything including the AC, remove the battery, press and hold down the power button for 30 seconds, replace the battery and AC, power on, at the Toshiba logo press the 'F2' key to enter the BIOS Setup, in setup press 'F9' to load setup defaults, press 'F10' to save and exit, now at the Toshiba logo press 'F12' to enter 'Boot Sequence', use the up and down arrow keys to select 'Optical Disk Drive or DVD/CD Drive', you will see a text message 'Press any key to boot from CD/DVD...'  with the dots counting down, press any key before the countdown ends, and see if will now boot to the DVD.


Please let us know what happens. Good luck.