Satellite will not boot from boot-disk

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Satellite will not boot from boot-disk

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Hi all.


My system: Satellite L755D-S5347 running Windows 7.


I am unable to boot my laptop into a boot CD/DVD (the reason I am trying to do this is to restore a clean copy of windows to replace the bloated version that comes from Toshiba).


I have searched for hours on this forum for a resolution and it seems this is a commom issue, but no resolution has been posted.

Fixes I have tried but do notork:

1) re-ordering boot priority from bios (pressing F2) (yes, I did save on exit!)

2) selecting CD/DVD boot option when pressing F12

3) holding down C when booting thecomputer.


Depending on the order of the remaining boot options, the laptop either boots to windows directly (when HDD boot is placed before LAN boot) or I get a PXE error (when LAN boot is placed before HDD boot).


Customer support was less than helpful and very rude and I am about to throw this piece of junk in the bin.

Please help!!!!



1) just ensured all drivers (including bios) are up to date.

2) tried the bootdisk on the 3 other PCs ( ASUS/DELL/ACER) with no issues.

3) tried to boot from my windows CD and could not get that to load either.

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Re: Satellite will not boot from boot-disk

Hi If you have your boot order set like this and you have a bootable CD in your DVD/CD drive, then it should boot. Put the CD in your CD drive and restart. Can you boot with the system repair CD??


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Re: Satellite will not boot from boot-disk

If your looking to get rid of, I will take it off your hands and pay the shipping.


Anywho, if all you are trying to do is strip down your system, why not just uninstall the Toshiba programs.  Are you thinking that the actual Windows 7 system is bloated?  If so, there are tips/tricks on how to slim that down as well without having to do a complete reinstall. 


Why you are undable to boot from the cd/dvd drive is strange.  You seem to be doing it correctly.  Is the drive working in all other respects? 

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