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Satellite recovery partition

Hello everyone. My name is Nick. I am currently using my Satellite T135-S1309 laptop an i think its experiencing errors from a virus that has already been removed. Usually in this case, since this model doesn't have a cd / dvd burner, i use the recovery partition to reset to out-of-box state. But for some odd reason i can't access it anymore. I've tried holding the '0' key at startup and just after the 'toshiba' screen i see a very short flash at the bottom of the screen saying something along the lines of "****HDD RECOVERY MODE****" then, it just goes to windows as if it were normally loading.


I've also tried setting the partition as active both in cmd and comp. mgmt.


Any help at all would be graetly appriciated.

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Re: Satellite recovery partition

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Satellite T135-S1309 Specifications

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Playing with the recovery partition in cmd and comp. mgmt. was probably not a good idea. Also, as your model has the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator software, whether or not you have a CD/DVD burner, you may have been, or may still be, able to make a bootable USB recovery thumbdrive, as per the directions on page 67 of your User's Guide. Except, you would not select DVD, you'd select USB thumbdrive. If this is possible, you'd need a 16GB+ thumbdrive.


Regardless, try this method and see if you can still run the Recovery Utility from the HDD that way:


Pressing the Zero Key While Powering on the Computer Does Not Start the Toshiba Recovery Wizard



If none of the above works, you can still order a USB recovery thumbdrive:


Ordering Recovery Media



Please let us know what happens. Good luck.



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Re: Satellite recovery partition

Hi Mike,

My computer seems to have the same problem. After I went in the Advanced Boot Options I did not have the Repair Your Computer Option and for anything I choose, I kept getting an Error Windows with error code: F3-F100-0004 and it only give me the option to put OK to turn off the computer. Where can I get the USB thumbdrive with the recovery?

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Re: Satellite recovery partition

What if I have installed another OS? But I still have the recovery files. I made the hidden recovery partition become visible and used it to save files. I would like to revert to factory default state.