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Satellite M645-S4048, factory reset, image driver not working correctly

After searching the Toshiba support site for a way to reset my computer to factory settings, I attempted the preinstalled method (holding 0 while starting up the laptop), and everything looked to be fine until the system began installing Toshiba drivers. Once it installed the "Intel graphics driver", and restarted the computer to complete it's installation, I couldn't get past the BIOS without the screen going blank. I can hear Windows starting up and popups for auto-restarting the computer before the computer restarts and does the same thing all over again, but no image. It seems like the computer makes no connection to the monitor whatsoever past the BIOS. I attempted to restart in Safe Mode, where windows shows a popup stating "Windows cannot complete installation in Safe Mode. To continue installing Windows, restart the computer." But the I also tried plugging in an external monitor, but I get the same response there as well. If I need to reattempt the factory reset, is there a way I can prevent Toshiba from installing that Intel graphics driver?
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Re: Satellite M645-S4048, factory reset, image driver not working correctly

I don't believe there is a way to do that, no. However, I agree that reattempting the factory reimage would be your best bet.

- Peter