Satellite L655D-S5050 Problems With Start Up

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Satellite L655D-S5050 Problems With Start Up

After one month of usage my Satellite L655D-S5050 would not start up. It keeps referring me to a blank screen and a cursor. What can I do before trying to get the recovery discs?

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Re: Satellite L655D-S5050 Problems With Start Up

During Boot, press repeatedly F8 to see if you can access the Windows Boot Options.  From there, see if it will load safe mode.  If it does, do the following:


1) Open My Computer

2) Right click the hard disc partitions listed and select properties from the drop down menu

3) There should be a tab in the new smaller window that opens that is "Tools".  Select that

4) The first option listed in the tab is "Error-Checking" and has the button "Check Now".  Click that button.

5) It will open a new window.  Be sure to check both boxes to check for bad sectors and attempt to repair them.  Then click start.

6) It may need to reboot to do this, tell it "OK" and reboot if need be.

7) Let it run and see if it performs the Check Disc and note any corrupt or bad sectors it lists.

8) Once done, it should attempt to reload Windows.


Report back if it runs into a new problem (be sure to record what it says and listed it specifically) and or if this helps fix it for you.