Satellite L305D-S5892 will not boot up! Help Please!

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Satellite L305D-S5892 will not boot up! Help Please!

recently my toshiba satellite L305D-S5892 laptop quit on me. i think i have a faulty hard drive but not sure. it is just out of the 1 year manufacturer warranty as i purchased it on "black friday" 2008.


this past monday night, my computer locked up on me as i was trying to launch microsoft outlook.  i was unable to select/click anything and "ctrl+alt del" did nothing either.  i had to manually shut down my system by holding down the power button.  now when i power it on i get a "windows error recovery" screen with the following options "start windows normally" or "launch startup repair (recommended)."  i can't seem to get anywhere choosing either option. 


i'm evetually asked to select a desired language, then i am prompted to choose from a list of drivers to be repaired in which there is nothing there to choose from. there is also a "locate drivers" or "choose drivers" button as well that when is clicked on it asks to insert the proper media (or something to that nature).  i can't seem to get to that point on my laptop right now because it is extremely slow.


i have 2 recovery discs that came with the cpu that i can't seem to get anywhere with either.  i have managed to get to a screen that says something on the lines of proceeding to try to reformat the hard drive and that anything i do not have backed up will be lost.  i am hesitant of doing this just yet if in fact it is an issue other than my hard drive because i do have some documents, pictures, etc. that i do not have saved elsewhere that i would like to try and recover. 


i am terrible with the "c prompt" / "dos" commands (i don't even know the lingo) having nearly zero experience with that stuff.  if anyone can offer any suggestions of how i may be able to access my hard drive long enough to back up some of my things i don't want to lose, it would be greatly appreciated.


also, i am using windows vista operating system if that helps any. 


thanks in advance



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Re: Satellite L305D-S5892 will not boot up! Help Please!

thanks for all the help and suggestions everyone!  i will try all of those things you suggested!

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Re: Satellite L305D-S5892 will not boot up! Help Please!


Satellite L305D-S5892


Turn the computer on and immediately press and hold the F8 key.


Can you reach the Advanced Boot Options menu?


If so, choose Repair Your Computer. Can you reach the  System Recovery Options menu?

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