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Restoring my p305-s8996e to factory settings.

I am trying to get my p305-s8996e back to factory settings.  I tried holding down the "0" key at start upto no avail.  Is there any other way for me to restore my laptop. 

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Re: Restoring my p305-s8996e to factory settings.


Satellite P305-S8996E



According to the spec above, the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator application is not included with your model. I infer there is no recovery image on the hard disk. So there's nothing to burn. That is, the recovery discs accompanied the computer.


You can easily verify whether the image is there or not. Please let me know if my inference is incorrect.


   1.46GB partition and other small partition are for the System Recovery Options and the factory softw...


If I'm right, you'll need to obtain the discs from Toshiba.


   Order Toshiba Recovery Media