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Recovery Cd

I have a toshiba satellite a215 s5808 and on my restore disc it gives me a error when I click toshiba recovery wizard. I updated my bios when I saw that my screen went blank. How do I restore my computer to the factory setting

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Re: Recovery Cd


Satellite A215-S5808 


on my restore disc it gives me a error when I click toshiba recovery wizard.

In order to restore the hard drive from those discs, you must boot the computer with the first disc loaded.


See the section Hard Disk Drive Recovery using the Recovery media on p. 64 of the User's Guide.


   Satellite A210/A215 Series User's Guide

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Re: Recovery Cd

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Will doing a restore with usb sticks work if the bios has set itself up with a password? Can I stick the first one in and it start automatically?  I also just have the bios update, for the password problem, on an usb stick but it will not open by itself and install on my computer. I am out of warranty on it and unfortunately Toshiba quit doing the free service with the bios update, before I knew there was a problem, back in December 2010. I didn't even get an e-mail to let me know there was a need for this update! I had the hard drive replaced, under warranty, on August 29, 2008, and had to register the computer to have it serviced. I did that, and I also believe at that time I gave Toshiba my email address. I had taken the computer in to Staples, for a free "tune up" earlier this in April 2011, and when I got it back it seemed to work just fine and it seemed that there was no bios password on it. But when I was ready to do the factory restore at home, this bios password problem arose. I thought that a Staples tech had put it there, thinking I would have no choice but to bring it back to them for the system restore. I had a friend call in to Staples, where I had taken it, and they said that they do put the bios password on them as a precaution and to bring it back in and they would take it off. But when I took it back in the tech wanted to know who in their store had said that and said that their techs do not do that and that he couldn't help me out with the bios password. Then I found the info on Toshiba's website, about the bios password problem and setting itself, so I don't know if it was done unscrupulously by a Staples tech, or if it is an issue with the bios resetting itself. I didn't check for it, when I got it home from Staples, because I was unaware there was a problem. Is there anything I can do at home to fix this situation? I am so frustrated. I tried jumping the bios, but it didn't work on my computer like many sites say it will. The dvd rom drive doesn't read the recovery disks, it just does what I call "sit and spin". If you know of a way to reload the computer back to factory defaults, please e-mail me at Thanks for any help. Oh, the computer is a Toshiba Satellite A215-S58008 with Windows Vista.