Problem restoring Toshiba image

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Problem restoring Toshiba image

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I own a Toshiba laptop model A665-S6094.

I had problems with my old hdd and had to be replaced with a new one, same model and capacity.

I managed to save my old Toshiba recovery partition, tried to put it on USB flash to boot, no success, the boot has failed. 

Now I'm trying a second approach:

Managed to install Windows 7 Home Premium and tried to extract the Toshiba image with tosimagex executable, but I get the error FC120020 (see att.)

Do you have any thoughts?



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Re: Problem restoring Toshiba image


Satellite A665-S6094


..any thoughts?

Sure. Obtain the recovery discs from Toshiba.


   Order Toshiba Recovery Media

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