PREINST.SWM recovery file cannot be read

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PREINST.SWM recovery file cannot be read


My L300D series laptop got a pretty bad virus last month. To be safter I would like to reinstall my Vista. I did not have a recovery partition and did not have a set of recovery CDS that I could find for the laptop. After browsing the forums I decided it was best that I ordered a set directly from toshiba. After a week it finally arrived this thursday.

I began installation as usual and it was doing fine for the first 5 mins and then it gave me the

"PREINST.SWM recovery file cannot be read" error. I tried it click retry almost half a dozen times but nothing happend. all i get is the

                     Cannot read from source file or disk. PREINST.SWM

                      Type SWM file

                     Size 624 MB

                     Date modified 3/1/2007 2:30 PM.

So i read further on the forums and I tried a few other options...

What I have tried:

1. Boot the Recovery disc or HDD image and select System Recovery Options.

 2. Follow the prompts until you get to the menu and then select a command prompt.

 3. Copy the \zzimages\zzimages directory for all recovery discs to a temp directory on the hard drive (c:\temp). 4. Change to the Bin directory on the first recovery disc and run "tosimagex /apply c:\temp\preinst.swm 1 c:\ /ref c:\temp\preinst*.swm" without the quotes.


D:\BIN>tosimagex /apply c:\temp\preinst.swm 1 c:\ /ref c:\temp\preinst*.swm
WIM File: c:\temp\preinst.swm(1)
Dst File: c:\
App Name: /ref
Total Parts: 10
Add splited image: c:\temp\preinst2.swm
Add splited image: c:\temp\preinst3.swm
Add splited image: c:\temp\preinst4.swm
.\TixRestore.cpp(71): Error FC060002


but when i try and copy the file it gives me a cyclic redundacy error. My next attempt was to place the DVD toshiba shipped me on another computer and try and extract and burn the preinst.swm into another CD so i can copy it to the drive.. but that is the only file that wont copy of the cd.. and crashes my explorer in windows 7...

Now toshiba told me it was a hardware issue.. and my warrantly is over.. adn that i should ge the cd drive fixed.. to which i said.. the CD drive worked last week.. I installed adobe from it.. and the harddrive works just fine.. recent scan had no bad sectors and is more than capable of runnin Linux..from a partition..they had no answer and I havnt heard from them again although i was told they would contact me. I need the laptop ready in the next day or two as spring break is over.
Any suggestions???




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Re: PREINST.SWM recovery file cannot be read

definitely does not look like a HW issue, looks more like a CD problem, call back and ask for a replacement and see if that will make a difference

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Re: PREINST.SWM recovery file cannot be read

I have a Satellite L300D also. I too have a corrupt file on my Vista 64-bit Home Premium restore DVD volume 1 of 2 and have nuked my restore partition. BUT my problem file is a different file than yours. Perhaps we can swap missing files and rebuild and reburn our DVD's? You can contact me directly via email using my username and then append on the end. I would be happy to help you out and give you PREINST.SWM if you can give me PREINST2.SWM in return. We can do this via FTP, Dropbox or filesharing...whatever you wish. Paying Toshiba $45 for DVD's they should have included for free really bothers me...