Need to run a COMPLETE system restore...

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Need to run a COMPLETE system restore...

I've run into problems with my laptop and have come to the realization that it is time to wipe my hard drive entirely. 

However, I read on the forum that the operating system does NOT stay and that I will need a new Windows 7 disk.


As much as I LOVE Toshiba, I spent about $900 on my laptop two years ago and was wondering if there was any way at all that I can wipe my computer while still keeping my operating system as I can't afford to spend any money right now.


Please, if any can help at all, I'm a college student and need my laptop to do my work! I can't afford to keep my laptop in it's current condition but can't afford to wipe it and not have one at all.

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Re: Need to run a COMPLETE system restore...


Toshiba started releasinbg laptops with a recovery partition since like...2008 or 2009.

I am saying this because you did not mention your model or purchase date.


If your laptop has this recovery partition in the HDD, make sure your documents, pictures and music is backed up, and be prepared to reinstall your programs like MSOffice and the likes because you will lose them.

When you are ready, start with the laptop being off and the  powercord plugged in, hold down zero (0) beside nine (9)

hit the power button once and do not let go of zero until the screen says "Warning" or "Loading files".

Click "Yes" on the warning sign then keep pressing enter until the screen says "Initializing the partition...".

Sometimes it goes "Windows Setup - EMS Enabled" before the Warning screen.

This will run anywhere between 1-2 hours, you must be there to click "Finish" then it will start installing again.

This will also start your laptop from scratch, reinstall windows and drivers and still keep the recovery partition.


If your laptop dont have this recovery partition, you will need the recovery disc set, this is not free ($29.95).