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NB305 Netbook Recovery

When I first got my NB305, I tried to create my own recovery media.  I opened the desktop icon for this purpose, but the sequence went nowhere.  I tried twice.  In this user forum, I noted that another purchaser had the same problem.  Now  I wonder if I was supposed to connect an external DVD drive, which I did not have.  If so, there was no instruction to do so.


Then I damaged the Win XP partition.  That problem was the result of someone else's faulty instructions, not Toshiba's.


Then I bought Toshiba's recovery DVDs.  I expected that I would be able to copy their contents on to my usb flash drive and use the flash drive to perform the recovery.  I contacted Toshiba tech support and was told that the only way to load the recovery system was with an external DVD drive.  I also learned that the recovery systems for other Toshiba laptops are available on usb flash drives.  So I had to order an external dvd drive [$70], which has not yet arrived.  I will update this post after I have tried the recovery.


Toshiba needs to make sure that the recovery media creation system actually works, so that NB305 purchasers like me can indeed make their own.  Since the NB305 does not come with a DVD drive, the user-created recovery should load to a usb flash drive.  Finally, Toshiba should immediately modify the NB305 to load recovery media from a flash drive.  I am amazed that Toshiba needs to hear such obvious concerns.


If any reader has had a similar experience or can explain why the user-creation recovery did not work or has advice for using my future external dvd drive, I hope you will post a comment.

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Re: NB305 Netbook Recovery

with the dvd drive. connect it while the laptop is up and running windows then shut the laptop down. press F12 during boot and select usb for boot. it should boot to the first recovery disc. as for the usb. the main problem that we have seen on here was they were told they needed 8gb of storage so they were buying 8gb flash drives. the problem with that is there is only about 7.25gb. once they got a larger flash drives they stopped having most of the flash problems.


Post all info about your laptop and version of windows. We are working on it but still do not have the powers to read your mind.
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Re: NB305 Netbook Recovery

actually you don't need to all that...


if you run into a situation where you need to reset your netbook to factory settings, just hold 0 while you press the power key to boot up. from there you can restore everything to when you first loaded up.


within your netbook's main HDD, there's a small partition with all the recovery files you need. you won't need installation keys or codes or any drivers to download from the Toshiba website, it's all there!


the smartest idea is to keep all your important files outside your main HDD - preferably an external (Seagate/Western Digital) HDD or USB drives. that way should your main HDD get compromised, it's just an easy 10 minute process to restore everything back to default.



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Re: NB305 Netbook Recovery

The recovery from the hidden partition is not a 10 minute process. I am currently doing a recovery to Out-of-box condition and it has been in the recovery process for over an hour and I'm still waiting for the finished recovery.

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Re: NB305 Netbook Recovery

It took me about 17 minutes to complete restore my NB305. I use it for blogging so there's really nothing too heavy on it.

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Re: NB305 Netbook Recovery

My operating system seems to be corrupt.   (My son opened up some malware and all of a sudden, I get nothing on boot up.)  

I am trying to recover to factory defaults.  I am holding down '0' on boot up.  The net book won't even respond until I lift the '0' - then I get a blinking cursor on top left with '***** HDD RECOVERY MODE *****'  in the bottom left - nothing else.

I thought maybe it was trying to reload factory settings, but I left it over night and in the am still the same screen.

If I just let it run through 'toshiba' screen, I only get a blinking cursor.

Anyone have any ideas?