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My satelite L455-S5975 will not restore using restore discs Help please

I have a L455 that I tied to restore to the out of box state using the internal restore partition.

After starting the process mid way I received a fatal error message and the computer now doesn't reboot past the windows 7 icon before displaying another error message and only allowing me to shut the system back down.


I called the help line and they said it sounded like my hard drive crashed.  I then ordered the restore discs from Acclaim and was told that after installing a new hard drive these discs would get the system back up and running and back to factory out of box status.


I ran the discs and towards the end of using the second recovery disk I received another error.

this was using the new hard drive.

I tried this twice and it didn't take.


I then put the old hard drive back in and started the restore process again.

I received this error mid way through the second disk.


after selecting the o.k button to shut down I received this error


again I selected the o.k. button to shut down and it did but still will not start up past the windows 7 logo.


Any idea what the issue is or what the error codes mean so that I can get the computer back up and running.





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Re: My satelite L455-S5975 will not restore using restore discs Help please

Assuming your install media isnt damaged and your hard drives are good, in order of most problematic to least, you could have an issue with your motherboard, CPU, RAM, or optical drive. 


Optical drive: attatch an external optical drive (USB) and try to install from there.


RAM: If you have multiple DIMMs, pull all but one and see if it goes. If it still doesnt work, try the other one.

If you only have one DIMM module then you can either swap it out or run a full memory test using MEMTEST86.


CPU: Obtain a replacement CPU and replace it.


Motherboard: time to buy another computer.