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Laptop recovery disks

I was having trouble with my laptop, so much so that it would do nothing but repeat the same things over and over when I turned it on. Wouldn't even let me go to the F12 reboot page. I ordered recovery disks from Toshiba with a 100% assurance it would clear up the problem and restore back to original factory settings. Well, of course, it didnt work, ran it twice and I'm still getting the same error messages. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is and how to fix it without costing a fortune. It's my daughters laptop so I am not going to spend $300.00 to fix it when I could buy a new one for that price.  Thanks for any help I can get.

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Re: Laptop recovery disks

The recovery disk has 2 options...

Recovery of factory default or erase the hard disk.

Try the 2nd option to clear everything on the hard drive then run the recovery again, this time use the first option. Factory default...

If the problem is with the hard drive there is no guarantee that this will work.

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Re: Laptop recovery disks

I'm just trying to figure out now that i have the recovery disc (I made per instrustions) how to make the laptop run the recovery.  I can't find anything on the website on how to get it started.  ;-(

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Re: Laptop recovery disks

when you turn the computer on tap f12 until the setup menu comes up. rearrange your boot order to cd/dvd drive as number 1. save and exit. let the laptop continues to start to windows and insert disc 1 and restart the laptop. when it restarts it will boot to dvd drive and begin the process. choose recover to factory out of box and follow what it says to do from there. make sure it is plugged in so it doesnt die in the middle of the process.

Post all info about your laptop and version of windows. We are working on it but still do not have the powers to read your mind.
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Re: Laptop recovery disks



I want to restore to factory settings. I have a Qosmio X550 - 880 but I did not create a restore disk from the start and I used a Windows 7 upgrade disc thinking that it would take me back to the way I got it. It is obvious, I don't know much of what I'm doing. Can anyone help me get back to factory settings?



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Re: Laptop recovery disks

hold down 0 while the computer is turning on


or F8, when you get to System recovery options, click on Toshiba Recovery Wizard, if you've got Windows 7, this'll put you back to Vista (since Vista is your OEM factory image)

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Re: Laptop recovery disks

Can someone help me in regards to my Toshiba Qosmio F25-av205 series. It is not reading the recovery disks. There once was a fix for this by putting in a command so that the HD would read the disks. The recovery disks are perfect but there is an error that should be able to be fixed by a command so that the system can read the disk. Can anyone help here!