Known defects with Toshiba Laptops

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Known defects with Toshiba Laptops

I see the same kind of issues repeating for a number of models of Toshiba Laptops.  I have had many problems with the Satellite laptop that my son has had and to this day I have changed the hard drive (paid for it myself) and it worked for a while but with same issues propping up after a few months of operation.  The problem is that the recovery disk fails to correct the problem and as I see even when people have bought new recovery disks, it fails to work.  Listen to this: Toshiba offered me to pay almost $450 to send my son's laptop in for fixing.  I paid almost $800 for the **bleep** thing to begin with...So why do I have to pay another $450 for something that points to a defective system to start with?


I have written to Toshiba media management center and have not gotten any feedback...Here is what I believe this company is doing:


Same issue that Toyota cars had, and their efforts to hide the issues for a long time.  I believe that Toshiba has sold many Laptop with known problems and has done nothing to resolve it.  it is one thing to pay for a fix that the users may have caused, but another thing when the product is a defective one to begin with.  The truth is that certain models of Toshiba Laptops have had known defects and the company knows about it but is not willing to do anything about it.


Time will catch up with companies of this kind just like it did with Toyota which is a much bigger company that Toshiba.