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Intel Manageability Firmware Recovery Agent

Apparently the software in the subject line was installed on my Toshiba Laptop (Model Satellite S855-S5254) when it was shipped.  I cannot find this Intel software on the Intel Website nor find anyone who knows what the software is for. After I started the system up, this software attempted to update but I did not allow the update as I didn't know if it was legitimate or not. 


Does anyone know what this software does for my laptop and should I allow updates to take place. Anyone know why it is not showing up on the Intel website as an available download.



Dan Bowman

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Re: Intel Manageability Firmware Recovery Agent


Satellite S855-S5254



I wouldn't worry about that at all, Dan. It's basically for management of business PCs.


   Intel Active Management Technology


Except for Windows updates, it's best to get them all from Toshiba here. So you're right to refuse it.


Personally, I do not update such things unless I run across a problem. In any case, the latest version of Intel's AMT from Toshiba is here.


   Intel Management Engine Interface

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Re: Intel Manageability Firmware Recovery Agent

Thanks a bunch Jerry. I would have been less concerned had I been able to find this software on the Intel website. 


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Re: Intel Manageability Firmware Recovery Agent

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Each OEM provides the ME Firmware specifically for their systems so we would not have this on our website.  For Intel branded systems we do provide the firmware and tools but you would not want to use them if you have an OEM branded system, such as a Toshiba.  It would be nice to add a little explanation as to what this software is for in case their users have never heard of Intel AMT...

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Re: Intel Manageability Firmware Recovery Agent

Hi Jerry

It's my understanding that you're the man in the know, I apologize if my question seems repetitve in nature but I would greatly appreciate your advice....

I have a  Toshiba Satellite L875-S7209 bought in Sept 2012. I got the message to accept the license agreement also. I am no computer maven and use my laptop for the most basic of tasks, though I have gotten the terrifying blue screen on occasion... should I accept the license aagreement?


Thanks so much,

J Kiel