InsydeH20 Bios Problem

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InsydeH20 Bios Problem

I have a Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5895


Recently when i go to boot my laptop i recive this error right after the Toshiba Screen


PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, Check Cable

PXE-MOF: Exiting PXE Rom

No Bootable Device -- insert boot disk and press any key


1. my orignal assumption was the HDD has failed so i went and got a WD Scorpio. Same Error Message on boot up.


I then went into the access my bios to even see if the board is reading the HDD, and it was there but after about 30 seconds of being inside the bios my screen will turn bright white then black and freeze. This happens everytime i enter the bios or the boot manager. 


2. I now assume there is something wrong within the bios, i have InsydeH20 bios version 1.5. 


I then downloaded version 1.9 from the Toshiba website in attempt to flash the bios from a DVD-RW which i burned from another PC.  but i keep getting opcode errors. 




3. i also tried the system recovery disc it says it is loading windows files then stops around 75% every single time


So now i am perplexed and have no idea where to go from here any ideas. 




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Re: InsydeH20 Bios Problem

Hi there,


It sounds like you have some hardware problem.. most probably your RAM, if anything fault on  your BIOS the laptop wont even start or let you into the BIOS page. The pc starts after checking the BIOS AFAIK.

I would suggest you to check your RAM first than flowing hardwares, CPU Fan,(temperature), powersuply(wrong frequence or voltage), mainboard (shocks, sort connections).



boot your lap with boot cd or live cd... if ram is not corrupted live cd or boot cd should work!!!

(cos live or boot cds uses spaces from ram)

if  boot and or live cd is not working result could be RAM or mainboard. (never know what xactly striking off)

if boot cd and or live cd is working but hanging in the middle, result IS RAM (frm my experience)


reason your RAM has faulty blocks where the maschine tries to write something but can't in this case the pc freezes.



try a new ram..


PS: don't come to a conclussion your ram is working perfect cos the pc starts!! there could be faulty bits known as bad bits.. which is somewhere located after 100mb. Bad bits are usually visible @ any memory diagnostic tools!!


you should better run a memory diagnostig tool to make sure your RAM is ok,

if nothing helps write here

or on my mail : krishan @ live . de



krish J