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How do I restore to Original Factory Settings

How do I restore to Original Factory Settings, my Satellite L305-S5968. It did not come with a restore disk and the user guide does not give me this information. I have back up all my files, So I am ready to go. The PC came with Vista then I received the upgrade disk to install 7. I know I will have to reinstall 7 and everything else and I am fine with that. On Dell on I can go into start-up and it has a place to restore but I have not found this for my Toshiba.


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Re: How do I restore to Original Factory Settings

It looks like there's an application on the machine called "Recovery Disk Creator". You use this to make the recovery disks for you machine. There should also be a "0" (zero) key function. Assuming the factory partitioning is intact...with the power off, press and hold down the "0" key, then while still holding down the "0" key, power up the machine until it you see ***HDD RECOVERY..." in the botton left had corner of the screen. If the system starts to beep you may have to toggle the "0" - Key up and down a few times before it starts to boot. NOTE: This is a destructive process and will wipe out all your current data.