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How do I restore factory settings on a new toshiba p755 s5320?


I only used the laptop for a month. I only use every other day. This is a "backup" computer for me in case my working computer fails. Two days ago the laptop kept turning itself of a few time while it was idle. 


Then yesterday all the sudden it shuts itself off for some windows updated, when it comes back on Windows say something about finding a DOS/Alureon virus, that was able to partially remove.  I ran Norton antivirus didn't catch anything..In any case, I have no idea if I got a virus or trojan having Norton, is beyond me...if I only go to one or two sites and I don't even use email on this computer.


In any case, I don't want to mess with virus hunting....I don't have anything to save or to backup...I just want to reformat to factory settings...Can anyone explain how do I restore to factory setting, reformat? I thank you for your help.




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Re: How do I restore factory settings on a new toshiba p755 s5320?


Satellite P755-S5320



See the section Recovering the Internal Storage Drive, which begins on p. 62 of the User's Guide.


   Satellite/Satellite Pro P700 Series User’s Guide