Help with Toshiba recovery wizard

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Help with Toshiba recovery wizard

Well I have reinstalled the os of mi notebook Toshiba l305-sp5806r from windows and I don't fomented the hhd so that create a folder named windows.old, I deleted correctly, but I reinstall the drivers, utilities... But I want use the Toshiba wizard recovery and now don't appear in the repair options when I used f8,  I have the partition because I can see in the manager discs of windows, what I do to see the Toshiba wizard recovery in the options of repair

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Re: Help with Toshiba recovery wizard

This is due to the fact that since you didn't let the Recovery Wizard prep the drive it did not patch the boot information file (BCD). The net affect is that all you see in the repair options is the "stock" Microsoft menu items. If you didn't alter any of the partitions, you should still be able to <0> (zero) key boot the machine. With the power off, press and hold the <0> key. Now power on the machine while still depressing the <0> key. You should eventually see a "*** HDD Recovery...", at which point let go of the <0> key and it should boot to the Recovery Wizard menu.