Re: Help:- Bluetooth for Toshiba Satellite Pro C850 1OU

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Help:- Bluetooth for Toshiba Satellite Pro C850 1OU



Yesterday I bought the above-mentioned laptop. I saw it had bluetooth on it and did not want it on my laptop, as was worried something would happen to laptop if it came in range to another computer with bluetooth?  So like a bright spark I deleted it....guesss what.....I can't connect laptop to printer.  I was told a printer could work without bluetooth connection from laptop - as it could work on Wifi (which it does) instead. Anyway printer not working cos laptop can't figure out configuration of printer.  So thought I should have to retrieve the Bluetooth program (thought that may solve the printer problem).  The thing is I do not know how to do that.....Can I find a copy of this Toshiba bluetooth program somewhere and install it?  Any advice tips wold be greatly received.


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Re: Help:- Bluetooth for Toshiba Satellite Pro C850 1OU


Satellite Pro C850-10U (PSKC9E-00800JEN)


That's a 0 (zero) in the number above - not an O (oh).


This site is for US computers. The downloads for that European model are here. Bookmark it.


Bluetooth should have nothing to do with your printer problem.


In any case, try posting on the European forums.


   Toshiba Support Forums in Europe

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