Hard drive failure L455D-S5976

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Hard drive failure L455D-S5976

This is twice in 2 years that I'm having the same issue. The first time I had a hard drive failure was 6 months after I purchased my laptop. I had it sent to Toshiba under the warranty and they fixed it (i assume they replaced the hard drive at that time). Now, exactly 1.5 years after that issue, I'm having it again.


I get an error on startup saying that the Toshiba Hard Drive MK2555GSX-(S2) is failing.


I've already ordered the recovery discs from Toshiba, so set there.


How hard is it to get a new HD installed w/o sending it back to Toshiba (as my laptop is now out of warranty)?


What kind of HD should I look for? I am a little computer saavy,  (mostly desktops, however), but will have a professional install it, if necessary. Trying to keep costs down w/o breaking down and buying a new laptop. This one is fine for everyday use.


Thank you.

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Re: Hard drive failure L455D-S5976

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Satellite L455D-S5976



You should definitely back up all your files up immediately, if you have not already done so. Any 2.5" SATA drive that is 9.5mm high should be fine. You might want to update your BIOS first, if you don't already have version 1.30 installed already.


ACPI Flash BIOS version 1.30 for Satellite L455D


How to update the BIOS on Toshiba notebooks


Laptop Hard Drives



Unfortunately, your laptop model does not appear on this list. But, if you look at the disassembly instructions for the L355D and/or L500D they should give you the right idea of how remove your hard drive.


Toshiba Satellite series disassembly instructions



After changing your HDD then use your Toshiba Recovery disks to return your unit to its factory default out-of-the-box state following the directions on page 69 of your Satellite® L450 Series User’s Guide.


Please let us know how it turns out. Good luck.



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Re: Hard drive failure L455D-S5976

I have had the exact thing happen With mine.. Thats crazy. I dont think it's right

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Re: Hard drive failure L455D-S5976


A HD is said to last 10,000 hours ! A year has 8760 hours, then if you leave your machine running all the time, you can expect ideally just over a year of use, this will be different as conditions vary.


Yes, maddening when it quits on you. This is a mechanical thing.  The cost of a new HD is so cheap nowadays that it is easy to get one's machine running again, anybody with a small Philips screwdriver can do this. A large word of caution, the connectors, data and power, on a SATA drvie are finicky, if you endeavour this repair yourself be careful, normally in a laptop, it is a slip-in insert, no wire is involved.


After the new HD is inserted, recover from your burnt media, you did do the DVDs when you first got the Toshiba ??? If not, see the first post here, it will tell you that you can get the DVDs from Toshiba, I did for a friend who had not burnt the Recovery media, tsk ! tsk !