Factory Restore - A215-S5837

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Factory Restore - A215-S5837

I am attempting to restore my Toshiba Satellite A215-S5837 back to factory out of the box state.  I have the recovery disks that were in the box with the computer.  When I run the disk, I am given 2 options - 1) Restore to out of the box state 2) Erase the hard drive.  Initially, I chose the firs option and tried to restore to out of box state but i kept receiving the 'Can not enumerate' message.  So, I chose option 2 and successfully erased the hard drive.  I am no trying to choose option 1 to restore to out of the box state and am receiving the following error:


Error: 0A-0624-0000

File copy failed


Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do next?





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Re: Factory Restore - A215-S5837


Satellite A215-S5837


Error: 0A-0624-0000 ... File copy failed

It seems most likely that a disc is bad, LaDonna.


You can get another set from Toshiba.


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