External Hard drive 1TB problem

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External Hard drive 1TB problem

After making a complete backup to my external hard drive ((PU3100U-1EXB), when I try to reconnect the external drive using the USB cable, I get the following message:

Free space in the H:\ drive is less than the minimum required space of 50 MB. So unable to run the application.

Clicking on Properites of the H:\ drive shows:

Used space: 999,958,675,456 bytes    931 GB

Free space: 1,998,848 bytes    1.90 MB

There is no way that the backup could have used that much space as my PC hard drive has only 183 GB used (out of 698 GB capacity).

How can I fix this problem? Thanks.


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Re: External Hard drive 1TB problem

You don't really give us any information, but:

What OS are you using?

What did you use to create your "backup"?

Does this "backup" utility compress the data into a single file? If so what's the file size? If not, does the cumulative amout of backed up files match the amount that's being reported as used?

Is your "backup" utility capable of excluding the capture of swap and hibernation files?

Did you create this backup while booted to the OS or is you USB drive bootable?

If you open a command box and "dir" the USB drive, does is still show the same amount of used and free space?