Error F3-F200-0002

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Error F3-F200-0002

Got error message F3-F200-0002. Tried recovery using disks bought with laptop from Best Buy. Got an error on recovery. Called Toshiba tech support and was told there was a problem with the recovery disks and I should buy Toshiba disks. I did. Got error message 'PREINST8.SWM file failed' on second recovery disk. Called Toshiba. Was told to run recovery again but with battery removed. Same error. Called Toshiba and told to hold down 0 key and try again. If I still got the error, I was told there was a problem with my hard drive. Same error. So bought new hard drive. Tried recovery. Same error.

I've invested a lot of time and money on this and am about to give up except this laptop is less than 2 years old.

It is a L505D-S5983 Satellite series.

Any suggestions?