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System recovery media can be created for Windows 8 laptops using TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator onto a USB flash drive (not a USB hard drive) or DVDs.


Recovery media copies the entire recovery partition to the media so a fresh image can be installed in case of greater problems and the computer requires to be reset to "factory" settings. The creation of this media takes a significant about of time to perform and the laptop will restart many times during the process.


Opening TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator


1. At the Start screen press the "Windows + C" keys together to open the charms bar.


2. Select "Search" from the charms bar.


3. Type "recovery" in to the Search field. As you type, the number of results will start appearing below.



4. Under "Apps" select "Recovery Media Creator" to open the recovery media creator.



5. After locating and clicking on "TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator", select "Yes" when prompted with the question, "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer?"


6. Within the "Media Selection" area place checkmarks in the boxes next to the options you desire. The "System Recovery Media" option will make a disk set or USB flash drive (depending on selection) that will perform a complete recovery of your software. Some models include the option to create "Application Disks" (as seen below). This option will allow you to create a disk set you can use to reinstall programs you specifically select from a list of applications originally shipped with the computer.


NOTE: The "Media Set" section allows you to select the type of media you prefer, the example shows the default selection; DVDs.


7. The "information" box indicates what type of disks or USB, and how many of them (discs), or size of USB memory you will need in order to create the media you’ve selected.


IMPORTANT: If you are using a USB Flash Drive you MUST format the drive prior to creating system recovery media. CLICK HERE for instructions on formatting. You CANNOT use an external USB hard drive to create recovery media.


8. Checking the "Verify" box will allow the program to check the data as it is being written to the disks. Selecting this option will take longer for the application to create the disks but will ensure the disks are in good working order when completed.


9. Place a blank disk into your DVD drive or connect a USB flash drive then select the "Create" button on the lower right of the page.


10. Follow the on-screen instructions as you move through the process inserting new disks as the program requests them (when using DVDs).

NOTE: It may take several moments for the disc to become available after you close the drive .


11. Once complete, keep the recovery media in a secure place.


NOTE: Take the time to label the disks as you create them in order to avoid confusion later.