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Cannot use system restore and cant connect to internet?

I have a 1 month old Satellite - L455d-s5976....was working fine, really liked it until today...In the middle of checking email the laptop shutoff on its own, then when I turned it back on I cannot connect to interenet via internet explorer...whats odd though is it does "connect" I presume becuase it was able to update the wireless adapter driver when I tried it... No matter what I do, I cannot get to any internet sites, yet it shows Im connected to my network etc.... So, I tried to use system restore multiple times...every time it says it cant complete becuase i may have virus software blocking a file etc...but I dont have any virus software??? Just windows firewall, and I tried disabling thta too...Help please!!!! I bought this laptop mainly for internet use...amazing its broke in one month!

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Re: Cannot use system restore and cant connect to internet?

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Have you tried resetting your router and modem?

I have seen many cases where simply resetting the wireless router and modem have fixed the issue.  Try that and then restart the laptop.

A free antivirus anti spyware program that is very good is Microsoft Security Essentials.

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