Cannot Create Recovery Media - USB

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Cannot Create Recovery Media - USB

Hi, I have a Toshiba P875, Windows 8. Tried creating recovery media on a brand new Transcend 16GB USB 3.0 flash drive. I get the error code 'Format failed! (Error Code: 040E87-0A-000000000) What could be the issue? Couldn't find any answer on the forum. Disabled Anti-virus but still did not help. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Anand
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Re: Cannot Create Recovery Media - USB

Hi, Can anybody please help? I am unable to create recovery media using a USB drive. The error code was posted in the original message. Thanks, Anand
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Re: Cannot Create Recovery Media - USB

Same thing happened to me!  Try using discs instead.  I used 5 discs and labeled them all per what the screen told me to.  I actually did a complete recovery from the discs last night and it worked great.


My discs were as follows:

CD1 - Recover

CD2 - Recovery

CD3 - Recovery

CD4 - Windows Recovery Environment - 64Bit

CD5 - Application and Devices


Turns out, for the recovery, it only need CD1, CD2 and CD3.

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Re: Cannot Create Recovery Media - USB

Here’s how I got my Toshiba to create recovery media on a USB drive that gave the following message:

'Format failed!

It appears that Recovery Media Creator recognizes some USB drives as having two partitions even though one only shows up under windows.  I tried 2 different USB drives the first was a Team Group 16G USB 3.0 thumb drive and the second was a Kingston Datatraveler 16g 3.0 USB thumb drive. Recover Media Creator work flawlessly with the Kingston drive and gave me the error with the Team Group drive.  I tried formatting the drive with windows which didn’t help.  I downloaded HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool located on the cnet website and formatted the Team Group drive (run as administrator).  After that it also worked flawlessly.  So my advice to anyone who gets the “Format failed” message with Recovery Media Creator is either try using a different thumb drive or download HP’s format tool and let it format the USB drive.


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Re: Cannot Create Recovery Media - USB

Thank you, Bryan.


There appears to be a newer version of that tool. Scroll down to the Tips section here.


   USB Flash Drive Preparation

You may need to use the HP formatting tool to make your flash drive bootable on your BIOS. It sets the Cylinders/Heads/Sector geometry of a flash drive to an alternate set of geometry values.

Apparently, there is more than one version of the HP format tool. The version of the HP USB Format Tool that works best has a file name of SP27213.exe. Some have had problems with the version named SP27608.exe. (eg. Sandisk 16GB Cruzer Contour & Amicroe 32GB). HP seems to have removed both from their downloads section of their website, but Google HP SP27213.exe and you should be able to find it easily.

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