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Black screen with blinking cursor after Toshiba logo on start up

I have a Toshiba laptop pre-installed with Windows 7 32 bit. I have been having some issues with spyware and tried to flush it out with software (ad-aware, avast, ccleaner) and it seemed to be working fine even this morning. Suddenly it restarted. Since then, all i get when i turn my system on is the main Toshiba logo screen following by a black screen with a blinking cursor at the top left. I've tried booting from different HD, even downloaded a recovery boot from another forum and tried to boot via USB. But to no avail. It simply won't let me do anything other than press F2 for Setup and F12 for boot options (but it doesn't seem to work for USB at least). Any help? Thanks.
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Re: Black screen with blinking cursor after Toshiba logo on start up

I went through the same problem.  I have a L355 and have found en excellent program that allows you to boot from a usb flash drive.  But first lets address your blinking screen of death.  This is most likely a loss of information in your WIM file or loss of your bootsect.ini file.  At any rate... any way you put have two options available.  


first I would try to do a repair on your partition table and wim file.  To do this you will need a repair disk.  If you cannot start windows it is necessary to have another computer with any edition of windows 7 available. (a friend or your desktop, etc.)  in order to create a repair disk you will need a cdrw/cdr/dvd-r blank disk. This is assuming that your laptop has a dvd writable drive in it.  The best and fastest way to do this is to have another computer to use to create this disk.  Follow these steps step by step and you will be able to create this disk.


1. On the windows start menu open control panel.  In the control panel is an icon named backup and restore: click on that icon to open the window. In this window on the left hand side is a link in blue(second one down, there are only two) called CREATE A SYSTEM REPAIR DISK.  Click that link. A pop-up window will open asking you which drive you would like to use and since most computers only have one removable media drive, the default one will be your dvd drive.  Insert a writable disk(at least a cdr 700 MB) in the optical drive(CD) and close the drive. Wait approximately 10 seconds while the drive reads the media.  After the light on the drive no longer is active, click create disk on the above pop up window.


2.  After the creation of your repair disk is com;ete you will get a message telling you that the creation was successful.  at this point remove the disk and label it windows 7 repair disc.  if you are not at your home place it in a protective sleeve as not to scratch it.  if you brought your laptop to the second computer, place this disc in the laptop drive and close the slide after you have started the computer....dont worry about the flashing curser at this point we are just getting the drive ready for a reboot.



a.  reboot the laptop.  as soon as the bbot screen comes up with the toshiba logo, at the bottom is the F2 for setup and F12 boot options prompt.  i fully recommend using F12.  with the disc in it will come up with you hdd, fdd, usb, and dvd drive/optical.  at this point navigate to dvd/optical and hit enter.  as soon as you hit enter the flashing curser will be in the left upper corner for approxinately 1-2 seconds.  then a prompt to hit any key to boot from cdrom will appear.  before this prompt disappears you need to hit the spacebar.  (dont worry if you dont catch it the first time, you can just repeat the above process the second time after you shut down/ restart.


b.  after a couple second you will hear the dvd drive cue up and an on screen prompt saying windows is loading files will appear with a status bar.  when windows finishes loading the boot files it will come to a light windows 7 screen and you will need to follow the instructions to get to the  first window which is the settings screen.  click next with english as the language and other settings defaulted.  click next and it will bring up another window with options for repairs/option screen.  these tools are all designed to bring your computer back to the working state before it crashed.


c.  now that you have made it to this point, the process is self explanatory.  we are looking for repair startup option.  click this option and it will find your installation of windows 7.  it will also search for boot sector/boot problems.  in the screen behind the progress window you should see windows 7 in the dialog box.  (if you so  not see this then your partition or windows installation is corrupt.  this will be more involved, so follow the next step if this is true.)  after the repair wizard is finished searching it will do one of tow things;  it will tell you that it found a problem and needs to restart to complete the fix or it will say the error/problem is mot automatically repairable.

If the problem/error is repairable just click ok/next and let the computer should reboot and start windows without having to touch the laptop.  at this point if it starts OK you are done and can close this webpage(unless you want to read up on how to prepare yourself for the inevitable non repairable boot sector)  i urge you to CREATE A BACKUP DISK WITH  PARTITION MAGIC OR ROXIO BACK ON TRACK!!!    if it is not repairable automatically, follow the next section carefully.


2.  This section is dedicated to re installation of windows from either your system restore disk, recovery partition, or from a windows OEM disk.  in most cases, you will have one of the above.  take your time and read this carefully.  


A.  assuming you have a Toshiba and have not lost the recovery partition on your laptop, you can easily restore your laptop to the original settings by starting the computer and before the Toshiba logo disappears, press the f11 key repeatedly until the system recovery partition is activated and the recovery manager comes up.  the rest in this step is self explanatory and can be better explained here:


Note:  the zero key is used on a majority of older Toshiba laptops for this function.  Some newer models use F11 key for the recovery partition.  at any rate try the first and then the second.  if you cannot restore the laptop this way, then your recovery partition is corrupt or erased and you will need to follow the next step.  your post did not show your model # so i am giving you both options.


B.  If all the above has failed and you still have use of an internet access on a second computer, you can get a copy of windows form Microsoft download format at:


if you have a friend with the same edition as you have on your laptop(windows home premium is the most common)  you can borrow their disc and just use your product code on the bottom of your laptop.  


Now i know there are illegal copies on the internet no means do i condone the use of these downloads, but if you have the same edition and a legal key, then its not piracy.  use of loaders and key gens  will get you a large fine and imprisonment if caught.  anyway i am assuming you already have access to a windows 7 install disk at this point.  from here it is pretty self explanatory, just as you started the repair disk above, do the same with your windows disk and install a fresh copy of windows and install all of you programs.  rinse and repeat from here.


here is the website address for the dvd to usb tool released by Microsoft.  halfway down the page is the link to the program.


i hope the above helps you and if you have any questions, please feel free to reply here of course or send me an email with your contact info and i can assist further over the phone.  my email address is  


Footnote; i would like to give thanks to Microsoft for the usb tool, special credit to Paragon partition Magic and ROXIO BackonTrack.    

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Re: Black screen with blinking cursor after Toshiba logo on start up, urgent =(

Hi, thanks for all, but, PLEASE, answer to the following:


I am using(used to use(() Toshiba Qosimo X500-11G, and I have 3 HDD, which one of them is for Recovery. I had 7 Home Premium in HDD 1, and wanted to install 7 Ultimate to HDD 2, but mistakenly in the process of installation I chose HDD 3 for installation(which is for recovery), after that I face the same problem.


Q 1: If I will recover, ALL files will be erased or those were in HDD 1???(which is 7 Home Premium was in)


Q 2:  Can I create recovery disk in the laptop that currently runs VISTA Home Premium???


Thanks in advance, and a lot, please answer asap.

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Re: Black screen with blinking cursor after Toshiba logo on start up, urgent =(

To try to answer your questions...


When you perform a recovery from discs, you typically will erase everything on the physical drive.  So, if you have one hard drive with 3 partitions (Most likely the case), it will still nuke the whole thing and all data will be lost to get it back to "out of box" state.


As for the second question, if your laptop originally came with Windows 7, then that is what will be on the recovery discs.  If you use a system that is running Vista to make discs and attempt to run that, you will most likely run into issues as well.  This is because each manufacturer and even between various models within a single manufacturer have different methods and setups for each model series.  So, running another will cause incorrect drivers among other incompatible things to be installed.  Even if the copy of Vista is a retail or full copy, you still may have issues with drivers for your hardware.

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Re: Black screen with blinking cursor after Toshiba logo on start up

I'm having the same type of problem. I have a Toshiba Satellite A45-S121, yes it's a little old. I have lost my windows XP recovery discs and have went online to try and purchase a new set. I'm told that they don't have it for my laptop. When I turn on my laptop the Toshiba screen appears and then it quickly goes to the black screen with a cersor at the top. What do I do.
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Re: Black screen with blinking cursor after Toshiba logo on start up


Thanks for your post and help, but I have tried everything that you suggested to the other person, and I am having the same problem but nothing works so far. I still get the black screen with blinking cursor in the corner. Do you have any other suggestions that I could try or know what could be the issue?

Thanks so much,


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Re: Black screen with blinking cursor after Toshiba logo on start up



The main cause for the Black Screen of Death error on your Toshiba Satellite A500 Series laptop might be the errors with the video adapter used on your laptop. You can fix the issue by rebooting the laptop in the Safe Mode. This will run the laptop without using the damaged driver and show the problems with it. If the laptop works properly in the Safe Mode, you can uninstall the video driver on your laptop to get away from the issues. You can use ‘Device Manager’ of the laptop for this purpose, as it brings up a list of all the currently available drivers as well as devices on your laptop.

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Re: Black screen with blinking cursor after Toshiba logo on start up

I have l566 Toshiba laptop and currently I'm experiencing a black screen with a 3 markings 2 of the markings is an upside down L shape facing left and the third marking is a blinking underscore. This screen shows after the Toshiba logo. I'm hoping for anyone in the Toshiba community to answer how I can fix this. I tried almost everything.
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Re: Black screen with blinking cursor after Toshiba logo on start up

Hi all... I see I'm getting in far on the tale of this thread, however, I have the same problem.


I was finally able to reboot with the cd/rom drive using the original Toshiba recovery/applications/drivers cd.


However, I still get the black screen of death with the flashing cursor in the upper left corner of the screen.


My wifes laptop is: 


Toshiba Satellite P-35-S605 purchased 2005


I can get on the black screen a recurring/flashing warning;


INTEL UNDI, PXE-2.0(build82)

Copyright 97/2000 Intel

For Realtek TRL8139(X)/8134 8a0X PCI Fast ethernet controller V2.13 (020326)

PXE-E61; Meda Test Failure, Check cable

PXE-MOF; Existing PXE ROM.


I have attempted to boot F8 and F11 with no success.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Black screen with blinking cursor after Toshiba logo on start up

hi, my toshiba a660-18n gets to the part 3b where it says windows is loading files, but after that it goes to a black screen with white cursor in the middle of the screen, any ideas?