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Accessing Recovery partition

Please help, how do i access recovery partition on Sat. Pro L300

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Re: Accessing Recovery partition

hold zero key above p during boot

Post all info about your laptop and version of windows. We are working on it but still do not have the powers to read your mind.
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Re: Accessing Recovery partition

Hello everyone:


It seems that I have a similar problem in the recovery partition area, I have followed the instruction that the Tech Support (Toshiba) told me to do to access the partition by pressing the number "0" once you turn on the laptop, which gives you some type of warning that the data on the laptop will be deleted, I have nothing to loose here since all wanted to do is to have a fresh window installation? almost near the end the laptop went into the configuration mode then reboots and it goes into a loop with the same message all the time over and over again? I can access the safe mode and change the password on the administrator account but not in regular mode (Normal Windows mode)??? somehow the administrator account cannot be changed to accessed? I can't ever create a new user account or a new Administrator account?? I am thinking maybe the recovery partition is corrupt somehow?? Since this is not my laptop, it  belongs to the store? I cannot bring it home to fix it or find some online support site to research more on how to troubleshoot this problem?  I work for a big retailer that don't have a tech dept, I am the only person in the store with a tech/computer background, too bad the customer didn't made any recovery CD's in which I can use to recover the partition on the hard-drive and have windows 7 to work.



Any tips or suggestions is welcome