A Disk Read Error Occurred

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A Disk Read Error Occurred

My son's satelite notebook has the error "A Disk Read Error Occurred, Press control Alt Delete to restart. The computer will not boot in safe mode. I have the recovery cd, but I stopped because I did not want to delete any of his data on the hard drive. Is there any way to recover the system without losing his files? His model number is A105-s4114

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Re: A Disk Read Error Occurred

Plenty of ways to do this. 


Option 1:  Boot to a Linux Live CD like Ubuntu, Fedora, PCLinuxOS, or Knoppix and use it to transfer the files to an external hard drive, usb flash drive, or to another computer on a network.


Option 2:  Remove the hard drive, place it in an external enclosure, hook it up to a running system, and transfer the files to that system or usb flash drive.




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