satellite pro 490cdt ram install

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satellite pro 490cdt ram install

i would like to upgrade the ram on this older laptop. i found only one ram manufacture that gave a diagram of where the ram goes in the laptop but i dont know for sure how acurate this is. also i havent been able to find a manual that even tells me anything bout the laptop like how big of a hard drive i can install or how to even install more ram. what can i do? who knows about this model?

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Re: satellite pro 490cdt ram install

That will be quite a challenge.  Kingston no longer supports that model so the memory isn't available from them.  As such it will be difficult to find it available anywhere.  As far as a hard disk is concerned, you may already be at the limit of 4GB.  The next size limit is 8GB.  You might try consulting with a friendly Toshiba Premier Authorized Service Provider but it's going to be difficult digging up info on a model as old as that one.