What do the lights on the front indicate

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What do the lights on the front indicate

I have read and searched and can't find the answer to this. I have 5 different lights on the front of the laptop, 3 are white and don't blink, one was amber and didn't blink but it now white and does blink, the 5th is a solid amber.


For no good reason, after the computer updated yesterday we lost our internet connection and it appeared the network card as well. This morning when I turned it on again, the computer logged on to the network no problem.  I don't understand this and wonder if the lights are supposed to tell me something that I don't know.


I have a Satellite L755-S5214

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Re: What do the lights on the front indicate

Actually, I just restarted the laptop and see there are actually 6 lights, 5 white, 1 amber, only 3 white stay solid, 1 does both blink and stay solid, the amber stays solid

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Re: What do the lights on the front indicate

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The Quick Tour Guide that came with your machine explains (with pictures) what all those lights (called System Indicator Lights) are for and different places in your User Guide indicates how they may vary under certain circumstances.


Starting from the left:


!.  AC Power light On when power plugged in.


2. Computer On/Off light. Normally white when on but will blink orange if computer is in sleep mode.


3.  Battery Light.  White when fully charged, User's Guide explains when not fully charged. See pages 47 and 48 of

     the User's Guide.


4.  HDD Activity light.  Off when HDD idle, blinking when HDD active.


5.  Memory Card Reader light (Only on certain models).


6.  Wireless indicator light.  Orange when wireless on.  No light when wireless off.




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