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DVD region free

I travel all the time and pick up DVDs all over the world which I can play at home on my region-free player. But it's frustrating not to be able to play them on my Toshiba Satellite M65 S9091. I bought it in the USA, changed the DVD region to 2 because I live in the UK and dare not change again because one day I might have to change for urgent business reasons and don't want to limit my options. I've already had to do that twice, so am close to the limit.


However, it's a real bind 'on the road', stuck in a hotel not being able to play an old favourite region 1, or something just picked up at the airport.  Can I unlock the DVD drive to region 0?  I'm not worried about warranty - my laptop is four years old! (It's given excellent, trouble-free service, by the way!).


I suppose I could buy another make new - most of them play all regions nowadays - but £500-£700 for casual entertainment seems wasteful when the roof of the house needs looking at before winter sets in!

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Re: DVD region free

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You could buy a USB external DVD drive that is region free, then you can play your discs, and if you ever decide to upgrade the laptop, you won't have to worry about having to find one that has a region free DVD in it.

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Re: DVD region free

What a good idea!


But why didn't I think of that?  Too simple, that's why.  I only think of the complicated answers!


Many thanks.