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Toshiba Satellite L955-S5370 Laptop

Hello! I am currently searching for a new laptop and I am going back to Toshiba as my current laptop is nice, but has horrible Wi-Fi connectivity. Would this laptop in the Subject (Toshiba Satellite L955-S5370 Laptop) be suitable for me? My needs for the laptop would be: Microsoft Office; document storage; iTunes; basic gaming (i.e. Flash and Java); and most importantly good Wi-Fi connectivity and speed! This looks like a pretty good laptop, but since I don't know much about processors, harddrives, RAM, etc., I thought I would ask here. Thanks!

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Re: Toshiba Satellite L955-S5370 Laptop

I have had this laptop for about 2 weeks.  Pretty happy with it for the most part, but the wifi reception is horrible.  I have posted a question here to see if there is anything that can improve it, but so far no responses.  If wifi reception is important I would stay away.