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Toshiba L505 ES5018 MEMORY

Can anyone help me with how much memory this laptop can handle? I am running W7 x64 and would like to get 8 megs installed, but I cannot find out if it can handle that amount. And Tosh does not give me that info in their spec sheets.



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Re: Toshiba L505 ES5018 MEMORY

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Satellite L505 Detailed Product Specification1
Model Name: L505-ES5018 Part Number: PSLU0U-02S034 UPC: 883974369225
Configured with 3GB DDR3 800MHz (max 8GB)


Buy Kingston brand memory, it will work, other brands may not.

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Re: Toshiba L505 ES5018 MEMORY

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That would be 8GB.  Anything more than 4GB of RAM is severe overkill for about 95% of any possible applications you are going to use.  In that laptop, the gpu/cpu is going to be the bottleneck, not the lack of RAM.


The spec sheet I found indicates how much RAM it will handle:  L505-ES5018 Spec Sheet