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Toshiba C655 hinges breaking/loose

OK, in November of 2011 I bought my Toshiba. Now the hinges are breaking and the right one is loose to where I have trouble charging my computer. The flaps that hold the speakers are beginning to come up, making it hard to charge or dangerous to close the computer because the moniter will break and the hinges will come off and you can also see some of the inside. The left one is damaged too, but not as much as the right one. Is there a way to get this repaired, or is the computer broken to where it has to be replaced? It's giving me trouble when it comes to charging my computer and it's dangerous to my computer as it's getting worse. Please help me!


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Re: Toshiba C655 hinges breaking/loose

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I have exactly the same issue with my daughters C655 after only 3 months.   I assumed the Toshiba warranty would cover this: WRONG.  The Toshiba warranty is a joke in my opinion.  All they do is say no.  So I disassembled the unit and was stunned to see metal hinges attached to the plastic base using brass inserts.  Thus, after normal opening and closing the brass inserts pulled out of the plastic base.  What a bad design!  One cannot tell this at purchase time since it's all internal construction.  Other than this, it's a great machine at a great price (guess you get what you pay for).  Sure wish I would have bought the extended warranty, then the selling store would have replaced the unit with no questions asked (Best Buy).


Others have fixed this deficiency using epoxy with reported success.  I wanted something stronger, so I used small machine screws with washers from the hinge to outside the base.  I had to make sure the screws on the outside of the base did not interfere with the small feet on the base.  The solution worked great.

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Re: Toshiba C655 hinges breaking/loose

I had precisely the same problem. My fix was going to be to run small bolts through the top of the hinge and securing it with a nut at the bottom. I was afraid any kind of glue would eventually work loose with opening and closing of the lid. I also have another problem of my own creation, namely, when I tried to lift the keyboard up, the two small ribbon cables came loose. I have someone who says he can fix that problem. Did you have a problem with the ribbon cables?


Also, another thing I did was to reduce the tension on each hinge by turning the bolt connecting the 2 halves counter clockwise.

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Re: Toshiba C655 hinges breaking/loose

I have a video of my repair on youtube.  I have used epoxy on several C655's and C655D's, and it has done the job quite well.  I kept one of the systems that I repaired for over a year, using it almost daily, with no issues.  The best part is, from the outside, there is no indication that it ever had an issue.


The other resolution would be to buy a chassis on eBay with the metal base brackets.  IMHO though, the $5 epoxy job works just as well, and is MUCH cheaper.


I will agree that the design is flawed, but I have found that the C655 and C655D's are pretty good systems for the price.  Great bang for the buck.

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