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Sattelite P70 bogus Nvidia driver after Windows 8.1 upgrade

I just had fun reimaging my PC, Toshiba said I needed this new driver because I went to 8.1 I have the Geforce GT740M

So I downloaded it for 8.1 then Diablo 3 and Star wars the old republic kept kicking me out after 35-45 seconds. With this Error  RADAR_PRE_LEAK_WOW64 in the event viewer. I went back to the old driver, now my games play again. Nvidia and Toshiba both should be ashamed to release crap that we know 8.1 is supposed to be coming, rush a crappy driver out to make something work. If you have had any problems after 8.1 go back to the old driver. It would have saved me a day.